MaiQiss Aromatherapy Products are made from pure essential oils. All our products are pre-blended in carrier oils to ensure that they are dermatologically safe for use on the skin.

Our products are for external use only. Always follow the safety precaution in using essential oils to avoid possible irritation or allergic reaction(s). It is the buyers responsibility to test the products accordingly before use on their skin. Carry out a patch test before using any of the MaiQiss products on yourself, friends or others. 
If unsure, please seek advice from medical professionals.
Please note, MaiQiss Aromatherapy products should not be used as a replacement of your standard medical treatment but as COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY.
MaiQiss Aromatherapy Limited accepts no responsibility for the misuse of any of our products.
Please be aware that when buying products online that you are entering a legally binding contract. The contract between MaiQiss Aromatherapy Limited and the customer begins once order has been made. 
Should you feel that there has been any errors in placing your order, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for prompt amendments.
Best Regards,