MaiQiss Aromatherapy

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 We are very pleased to introduce you to MaiQiss Aromatherapy!
MaiQiss Aromatherapy Limited is a family-owned business founded in the UK in 2004. 
Following the birth of the youngest daughter in the family who has a congenital heart disease, our founder was inspired to produce homemade aromatherapy products from pure essential oils to help with natural healing. 
One of the first essential oils blended was the Baby Massage Oil & the Back & Tummy Rub. This was a unique blend specially formulated to help calm down and improve breathing and quality of sleep. Realising the physical and emotional benefits of the essential oil blend, we as a family were further inspired to blend a variety of Face and Body Essential Oil products and Handmade Aromatherapy Soaps for both family and friends.
Established in Ireland in 2015, we are proud to exclusively share our family's special blends with everyone.